Joy Behar NOT Leaving “The View” For Skin Care Line, Despite Claim

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Joy Behar Leaving The View Skin Care

By Shari Weiss |

Joy Behar Leaving The View Skin Care

Joy Behar is NOT leaving “The View” to promote a skin care line, despite a fake news story circulating online. Gossip Cop can help set the record straight.

A website with the URL and a logo saying “Entertainment Today: Inside News” is trying to pass off a misleading advertisement as a legitimate news article to trick people into buying skin care products. “Joy Behar Calls Time On The View And Shocks Audience By Announcing Her Resignation On Air,” claims the headline. But Behar has nothing to do with the items for sale and she never made any such announcement.

But while most people who stumble upon these spammy websites recognize that the claims are fake, a number have apparently come across this particular story and believed it was authentic, in part because the piece features “quotes” from Whoopi Goldberg and others associated with “The View.” And it’s become such an issue that the two women took the time to address it on Tuesday’s live show.

Goldberg began, “Joy, I gotta talk to you about this, because there’s some freakin’ ad that’s getting posted all over the Internet, which claims that you are leaving ‘The View’ to pursue your passion for this B.S. skin care product full time. Can you address this? Because this is like annoying.”

Behar said, “There’s this skin care company that we can’t really locate; they’re like fly-by-night. People are getting these ads saying I’m leaving ‘The View.’ Sorry, Donald [Trump], I’m not leaving.” After some laughs, the comedienne went on, “I’ve never head of this skin care. People are putting words in my mouth, saying that it’s really fixing, and people are buying the stuff.”

“If I’m going to do a skin care line, pay me for it,” Behar then cracked. “Give me the opportunity to be a sell-out!” Embarrassingly, Candace Cameron Bure revealed her own mother actually fell for the scam, bragging about how she bought Behar’s supposed skin care products.

Goldberg added, “Here’s the deal: They have an F rating from the Better Business Bureau, so you don’t know what’s in this stuff. Joy has nothing to do with it. She doesn’t sanction it. Do not buy it on her dime.”

As Gossip Cop readers may recall, we called out a similarly false report back in April that was selling products with Ellen DeGeneres’ name and claiming that she, too, was leaving her talk show. Both versions are nothing but manipulations of which all consumers should be wary. Check out “The View” video below.


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