Joy Behar: Donald Trump Has To “Step Down Before Inauguration” (VIDEO)

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Joy Behar Donald Trump Step Down

By Shari Weiss |

Joy Behar Donald Trump Step Down


Joy Behar is calling for Donald Trump to “step down before the inauguration.” Watch “The View” video below.

On Monday’s live episode, the co-hosts discussed two of the weekend’s biggest political stories: The CIA concluding Russian hackers interfered to get Trump elected, and Trump’s admission that he doesn’t receive intelligence briefings regularly. Behar, who has been quite critical of the President-elect for more than a year now, was not happy about either situation.

“They are discrediting the CIA,” she said of the Trump camp’s dismissal of the agency’s findings. “His campaign and he, the President-elect of this country, is discrediting the organization that basically protects us from foreign invasion.”

Behar then said, “Isn’t it time for him to step down? He has to stop step down before the inauguration, before they give him the nuclear codes. We are at risk when the president of the United States is fighting with the CIA. That is a terrible thing.”

She received applause for the remarks, and moderator Whoopi Goldberg felt just as strongly about the issues. “You haven’t even become president yet, and you fight with all these folks,” she said of Trump. On the flipside, though, panelists Sunny Hostin and Sara Haines weren’t so bothered by the future Commander-in-Chief skipping intelligence briefings. Check out the videos below.

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