Joshua Davis And Lexi Dávila ‘Voice’ Knockout Video: Watch Christina Aguilera Make The Final Steal Of Season 8!

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Joshua Davis Voice Knockout Video

By Shari Weiss |

Joshua Davis Voice Knockout Video


Joshua Davis and Lexi Dávila‘s knockout on “The Voice” on Monday led to the final steal of season 8. Check out the video below!

Unlike during the previous Battle Round, where each coach could steal two contestants from a rival, there was only one allowed per a team for the Knockouts. Christina Aguilera held tightly on to hers as Adam Levine, Pharrell, and Blake Shelton all made their selections, saving artists on the brink of elimination. But as the season 8 Knockouts wound down, Aguilera was in a pinch to make her choice on the right singer. After all, last season’s “Voice” winner, Craig Wayne Boyd, was originally on Shelton’s team, then stolen by Gwen Stefani, and then stolen BACK by Shelton, proving that the steals can have a significant impact on how the season plays out.

With that in mind, Aguilera watched as Team Adam contestants Davis and Dávila both absolutely killed it with their performances of “Arms of a Woman” and “Anything Can Happen,” respectively. Dávila even scored a standing ovation from Pharrell, who told her, “You performed that song with such accuracy…I have to give it to you.”

Shelton also praised Dávila, saying, “You hit those notes with precision, and had that run, and Pharrell stood. That’s when you know you did something good.” Still, Shelton’s vote was for Davis, saying he thought the crooner could win the whole competition. And Pharrell, too, was impressed with Davis, calling his time on stage a “masterful performance.”

Aguilera admitted, “This was the knockout that probably shocked me the most,” and lavished Levine with praise for how he prepped his contestants. After the Maroon 5 front man eventually named Davis the winner, Aguilera then gleefully hit with her button to steal Dávila. “Thank you for being so dumb,” she gloated to Levine, “because she’s mine!” Unsurprisingly, Dávila was left in (happy) tears. Check out the videos below! And with that, the season 8 Knockouts are officially over, and the live playoffs with the “The Voice” Top 20 will begin next week! NOTE: The videos are no longer available.


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