Josh Halverson, Kylie Rothfield “The Voice” Battle Video: Watch “House Of The Rising Sun” Performance!

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Josh Halverson Kylie Rothfield The Voice Battle Video

By Shari Weiss |

Josh Halverson Kylie Rothfield The Voice Battle Video


Josh Halverson and Kylie Rothfield had an unbelievable Battle on “The Voice” on Monday. Watch below!

Halverson’s Blind Audition had Alicia Keys, Miley Cyrus and Blake Shelton all fighting over him. And Rothfield, who was recovering from a vocal hemorrhage when she tried out, had Keys and Shelton excited. Both aspiring stars chose to join Team Alicia.

And it proved to be a very fortuitous decision for Rothfield. When she went into her first rehearsal for the Battle round, the contestant discovered the guest mentor was none other than her former classmate, Charlie Puth. Meanwhile, Keys explained that she chose to pair Rothfield with Halverson since they both play guitar.

The superstar tasked them with interpreting “House Of The Rising Sun” and showing their “artistry” while playing their instruments. Puth, however, also suggested an a capella moment to show how their voices “mesh” together. Keys was ecstatic as they worked it all out, and then even more so during the actual performance.

Cyrus said afterward, “Alicia told me this is one of her hardest decisions, and I see why.” Levine noted, “It’s really tough, because I think you guys are as different as different can be.” That didn’t make it any easier for Keys, who felt connections with both contenders.

“This is very, very, very difficult for me,” confessed the first-time coach, adding, “This is awful.” But she had to name a winner… and Rothfield was declared the victor! Keys admitted she was also “devastated” over losing Halverson, but thankfully for him, Cyrus went for the steal. And she hit the button with her tongue! Check out the video below!


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