Josh Gad Talks “Beauty and the Beast” On “GMA” (VIDEO)

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Josh Gad Good Morning America Beauty And The Beast

By Holly Nicol |

Josh Gad Good Morning America Beauty And The Beast


Josh Gad appeared on Wednesday’s “Good Morning America” to talk about the highly anticipated Beauty and the Beast. Check out the video below!

The actor spoke with the “GMA” panel in a live segment on the morning show about his new movie, and opened up about his first experience watching the original 1991 animated film. “I was 10-years-old when I first saw Beauty and the Beast. It’s an amazing experience,” Gad said.

Gad also discussed his excitement over being able to sing some of the most iconic Disney songs of all time. “The memory that I have that stays with me is the audience applauding at the end of these Howard Ashman and Alan Mencken songs, and to now be able to sing one of those iconic songs in this movie. I’ve seen it now with an audience three times, and the audience applaud after these numbers, it’s so exciting,” he said.

Gad went on to talk about his friendship with costar Luke Evans, who plays Gaston in the movie. “He’s the best. That guy has one of the best voices I’ve ever heard. He is amazing in every way,” Gad gushed. “We met during Beauty and the Beast, but much like myself with ‘Book of Mormon’ and ‘Spelling Bee,’ Luke got his start in the West End. So he gets to the set, and you’re like oh it’s the guy from The Hobbit, he’s an action star, and all of a sudden he can sing. I’m like, ‘What’s wrong with me?'” he joked. Watch the interview below, in which Gad also gives the audience a taste of his fantastic singing voice.

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