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Josh Duhamel did not meet Jennifer Garner's kids, nor are they in a "red hot romance." Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk a new cover story. There is no relationship between the pair, beyond an upcoming movie.

As Gossip Cop reported, earlier this month OK! falsely alleged Garner and Duhamel were in a "secret romance" after growing close on the set of Love, Simon. As we pointed out, they shot that movie nearly a year ago and their dynamic was strictly professional, although they play parents together in the film. The gossip magazine was wrongly using the project to allege an off-screen relationship had blossomed.

Despite our debunking, the outlet is continuing to push its untruthful narrative. In its latest issue, the publication declares the fictional romance is proceeding "full steam ahead." In fact, it's alleged Garner and Duhamel are "moving quickly and on the verge of going public." That's funny, since the cover of this edition features a photo of the actor seemingly already out and about with Garner and her kids. As it turns out, it's a phototshopped picture. The tabloid took a paparazzi shot of the actress and her children and digitally edited Duhamel into the frame to make readers think they all stepped out together.

The magazine doesn't address that deception in its story, but asserts, "Sources are buzzing that the duo have become inseparable — and word is it's only a matter of time before they could be sharing a home address." It's specifically claimed Duhamel "spends most of his time at Jen's Pacific Palisades mansion these days," even bringing the son he shares with ex-wife Fergie. "They're fast becoming a modern family," a so-called "source" is quoted as saying.

The outlet claims the purported couple "eschew the usual Hollywood hotspots for dates, preferring quiet hikes," with its supposed snitch guessing, "No doubt they leave the house early in the morning so there are no photographers on their trail." The publication's cover also contends "they're going to church together." But while Garner is regularly photographed going to and leaving her church, often joined by Ben Affleck and their kids, Duhamel has never been seen with her.

Speaking of Affleck, the alleged "source" claims to the tabloid, "Ben had no idea that Jen and Josh were getting serious, and word is he flew into a rage when he heard Josh was spending time around his kids." But that only exposes another lie. The cover quotes Affleck as saying, "He's not their dad!" In the article, however, it's the purported tipster who asserts, "He thinks it's not right, since Josh isn't their dad." That's substantially different.

It's also telling that, after photoshopping the cover photo of Duhamel and Garner together and maintaining they're on the "verge of going public," the supposed insider claims, "Neither of them loves the spotlight [so] they'll likely keep things private for a little longer." That's the magazine's built-in explanation for why they aren't actually being seen together. But the real reason they haven't stepped out with one another is that they're not a couple.

But it's not just Gossip Cop and our sources saying that. Garner herself said she's "not interested in dating." And though she and Duhamel are likely to come back together to promote their movie for its March release, they will be doing so as co-stars, not lovers who are moving "full steam ahead." A contact close to Garner exclusively tells Gossip Cop this cover story "isn't true at all." And perhaps it goes without saying, but Affleck never went into a "rage" about a romance that doesn't actually exist.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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