Josh Duhamel Hiding Jennifer Garner Relationship?

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Josh Duhamel Jennifer Garner Hiding Relationship

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Josh Duhamel Jennifer Garner Hiding Relationship

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Josh Duhamel is hiding a relationship with Jennifer Garner, according to an untrue tabloid report. As Gossip Cop has already reported, the Love, Simon co-stars aren’t dating, so there’s nothing to hide. We can debunk this story.

In early January, OK! published a cover story alleging Garner and Duhamel were in a “secret romance.” Though they filmed their upcoming movie last spring, the gossip magazine claimed the colleagues were now in a relationship. The outlet even tried to trick readers by using a photo of the pair cuddled up in character for their movie. Gossip Cop exclusively learned there was no truth to the allegations they were dating.

But then the publication decided to up the ante and step in it further with a second cover story at the end of the month. In that one, it was alleged Duhamel had met Garner’s kids because he was regularly spending time at her home. Their purported relationship was upgraded from “secret romance” to “red hot romance.” The allegations, however, were just as false as ever.

And then last week, Duhamel himself confirmed he’s not dating Garner. So what is the tabloid doing now? Rather than apologizing and taking responsibility for spreading misinformation, the magazine is accusing the actor of lying. Its new story asserts that “despite” his denial, he and Garner are “very much an item,” but it’s a “hush-hush romance.” Contradicting its previous story, in which it was alleged they were “moving quickly and on the verge of going public,” it’s now claimed “they won’t be going public anytime soon.”

“Josh has told Jen he… wants to see her, but at one of their homes, not where they can be photographed,” a so-called “insider” is quoted as saying. And while the outlet maintains “they’ve been keeping their relationship a secret at Josh’s urging,” it’s alleged Garner “understands.” Asserts the supposed source, “They have a nice thing going, and hopefully it’ll build into something more.”

Well, according to the prior cover story, the alleged relationship was already becoming quite serious. And far from staying strictly at home, it was claimed in that article that Garner and Duhamel were regularly stepping out together for hikes. Of course, they’ve never been pictured doing so, and Duhamel has never been seen with the actress’ kids, which is why the publication resorted to photoshopping a picture to dupe consumers into thinking they all went out together.

OK! has been deceptive from the start with this manufactured narrative and is continuing to mislead readers. Duhamel denied he’s dating Garner because he isn’t dating her. He wasn’t trying to cover up a non-existent relationship. It’s also laughable that this latest piece tries to compare the pair to Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx. Not only do Holmes and Foxx not consider themselves a couple, but the magazine has spent years falsely claiming they’re getting married and having a baby. It seems the outlet may have a problem with the truth.