Josh Duggar Wife Anna Having “Hard Time” Celebrating Upcoming Anniversary

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Josh Duggar Wife Anniversary

By Michael Lewittes |

Josh Duggar Wife Anniversary

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Josh Duggar’s wife Anna is going to stick with him, but she feels their upcoming seventh anniversary is going to be “tough,” because there are “trust issues” and she’s “deeply hurt,” a source exclusively tells Gossip Cop. We’re told they’re going to celebrate their anniversary in September, but Anna’s having a “hard time.”

Our insider says Anna felt the molestation scandal, in which Duggar admitted to inappropriately touching minors, including his sisters, was something done in the past when he was a teen and there’s been forgiveness by some of the affected parties. But with the Ashley Madison scandal, it’s in the present and she’s the victim.

Anna felt with the sexual abuse Duggar had “repented and grown,” says a source, but then the adulterous affairs scandal hit, and again without prior warning, “Anna was blindsided, deeply hurt… It was done to her.” The family insider tells Gossip Cop that Anna “essentially asked, ‘What else haven’t you told me?'”

From what we hear, Duggar said that was it, and that he understood and accepted responsibility for the damage he has done. He then said he would devote himself to Anna and forgiveness. Still, despite his pledge, Gossip Cop is told Anna has “trust issues,” but is using her faith to guide her forgiveness. That said, on September 26, the couple with four children has an anniversary, and it’s “tough” for Anna to celebrate it.

As Gossip Cop previously reported, Duggar’s own family is divided between those who are “angry” and others who “sympathetic” towards him after he was caught cheating on Anna. A source close to the family exclusively told us some family members are angry because he “preached one thing and completely did the opposite,” having committed adultery and lied. For the most part now, we’re told several family members are using their deeply rooted Christian beliefs to support Duggar and show him compassion.

Last week, when it came to light that Duggar had two accounts with the cheating spouse site, Ashley Madison, the reality star said in a statement, “I have been the biggest hypocrite ever, ” noting that while he was publicly “espousing faith and family values,” he secretly had a “secret addiction” to porn and was “unfaithful to my wife.”


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