Joseph Fiennes Playing Michael Jackson: Twitter Reacts To Movie Casting

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Joseph Fiennes Playing Michael Jackson Twitter Reaction

By Shari Weiss |

Joseph Fiennes Playing Michael Jackson Twitter Reaction

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Joseph Fiennes will reportedly play Michael Jackson in a television movie, and Twitter has a lot to say about the casting.

It was reported on Tuesday that Fiennes will star in a made-for-TV film in the U.K. called Elizabeth, Michael, and Marlon. It will apparently recount the real-life road trip Jackson supposedly took with Marlon Brando and Elizabeth Taylor when they left New York in the wake of 9/11. Stockard Channing is reportedly playing Taylor, while Brian Cox will portray Brando.

It’s Fiennes casting, however, that is causing buzz. “Whose on board with boycotting the whitewashing of Michael Jackson in a show where Joseph Fiennes has been casted to play him?” asked a Twitter user named @tawnybananas. @TessFowler wrote, “Joseph Fiennes as Michael Jackson is going to be the moment y’all see me finally snap. This had seriously better be a joke.” @_nicomadden commented, “So Joseph Fiennes (A WHITE DUDE!) is gunna play Michael Jackson… I say Denzel Washington plays Elvis in the next movie just to be fair.”

@Luvvie wondered, “When Joseph Fiennes’ agent came to him and said ‘I want you to audition for the role of MJ’ how did Joseph not hang up on him???” And @dorothysnarker expressed, “WTF? Joseph Fiennes is playing Michael Jackson? This is NOT the colorblind casting we meant, entertainment industry.” Fiennes, who is probably best known for Shakespeare In Love, has not responded to the apparent outrage and backlash.


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