Jordan Smith “The Voice” Audition Video: Shocking “Chandelier” Cover Gets Four Chairs, Standing Ovation — WATCH!

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Jordan Smith The Voice Audition Video

By Shari Weiss |

Jordan Smith The Voice Audition Video


Jordan Smith shocked the judges with his surprising voice on the season 9 premiere of “The Voice” on Monday. Watch below!

Smith took on Sia’s “Chandelier,” and Gwen Stefani hit her button immediately. She nearly jumped out of her seat when her chair turned around and she saw Smith was a guy. Blake Shelton and Pharrell went on to turn around, too, before Adam Levine buzzed in towards the end.

When Smith’s performance ended, the judges all gave a standing ovation, and Stefani went up to give him a hug, saying, “Oh my god. You shocked me! You’re so amazing!” The reaction prompted Smith to cry and quip, “I don’t know if I’m happy or really scared.”

“That was the most trippiest turn-around blind audition freakiest thing I’ve ever see in my life,” Stefani went on to tell him. “You do not look like your voice, FYI.” To Pharrell, that was the “coolest part about it.”

Adam Levine noted that Sia’s hit is “probably one of the most challenging vocals for anyone to sing, let alone a male vocalist.” He told Smith with awe, “With every person you turned around, you got better. And that shows me how ready you are for this… I think you’re the most important person that’s ever been on this show.”

For his part, Shelton said, “It’s unbelievable. You got four chairs to turn around and congratulations is all I can tell you.” Smith explained how he’s often mistaken for a woman, and says he’s learned over the years that “it’s okay to be different.” Now that difference might take him far on the NBC music competition.

And he’ll be working with… Team Adam! Check out a clip of Smith’s performance below, and tell us what you think! Note: Video no longer available.


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