Jonah Hill Plays “Loser” Wrestler In ‘SNL’ “Champ” Video – WATCH!

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Jonah Hill SNL Wrestler

By Michael Lewittes |

Jonah Hill SNL Wrestler


Jonah Hill starred as a “loser” high school wrestler in a taped piece on “SNL” called “The Champ.” In the pre-recorded sketch, Hill believes that he won a wrestling match, and the cool kids even make him feel good on his way home, but when he gets into his house he sees on the news that he opponent threw the match. Check out the video below of Hill as a pitied high school kid on “Saturday Night Live.”

In the bit, the wrestler who threw the match talked on the news about letting Hill win, and the janitor also spoke about how Hill’s character would often make in his pants. There was also a news story about Eric McCormack supposedly killing twins in Hill’s neighborhood, but the news decided to lead instead with how Hill won his match because the other wrestler let him.

The video is yet another in a long line of hilarious taped sketches with Hill. When he first hosted in 2008, he and Andy Samberg did a “Digital Short” in which Hill told the then-“SNL” castmember that he was secretly dating and in love with Samberg’s dad. Throughout the taped bit, as Hill described all the wonderful qualities about Samberg’s dad, there were cutaway shots to Hill and the father making out.

When Hill hosted “Saturday Night Live” the next time in 2012, he did another “Digital Short” that had the comedian serve as the subject of a TV show called “Science Finders,” which was testing how the human heart can be stressed. And to check how the heart is affected by a shock to the system, Hill repeatedly had tennis balls shot at 60 mph straight at his testicles.

And the last time Hill hosted “SNL” in 2014, he taped a spoof of the movie Her called “Me,” in which he fell in love with an artificially intelligent computer operating system. It began with Hill admitting that he doesn’t “get along very well with other people.” The operating system was then set to the sound of Hill’s own voice, prompting him to say, “You actually have quite a lovely voice” before falling in love with himself.

Check out the video below of Jonah Hill as a “loser” wrestler on “SNL.”


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