Jonah Hill Responds To Miles Teller Feud Rumors On ‘Howard Stern Show’ (AUDIO)

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Jonah Hill Howard Stern Interview Miles Teller

By Andrew Shuster |

Jonah Hill Howard Stern Interview Miles Teller

(Howard Stern Show)

Jonah Hill appeared on Wednesday’s “Howard Stern Show,” during which the actor responded to the rumors he’s in a feud with War Dogs co-star Miles Teller. Listen to a highlight from the interview below!

Stern first told Hill he heard talk of Teller having been “difficult” on the set of the war comedy, then added, “Rumor is you two f***ing hate each other.” But an amused Hill let out a big laugh at the suggestion, and asked, “Who told you that?!” The comedic actor immediately shot down the claim, insisting it was simply “not true.” He added, “I do like Miles. We don’t hang out very much. We live in different cities.” Hill went on to say Teller is “genuinely respectful and nice,” but acknowledged, “I don’t think we’ll end up being best friends in the world, but that’s rare.” He further assured Stern, “We never argued about each other’s acting style or anything.”

Stern then went on to say he also heard that Hill didn’t get along with War Dogs director, Todd Phillips, but the actor again insisted the rumor is “absolutely not true.” Hill clarified he and Phillips “are friends and I would work with him again in a heartbeat.” The actor further noted the two “would have disagreements on scenes sometimes,” but believes he’s a “great and talented” filmmaker.

Finally, Stern proposed a hypothetical scenario in which Hill, Teller and Phillips were all stuck on a deserted island and one had to be eaten so the other two could survive. “Who do you kill?” asked the radio host. “Well, Todd is skinny as f**k so it wouldn’t last that long,” joked Hill. “Miles has a little more meat on him.” But the actor ended up confessing, “I’m sure they’d both kill me because I have the most meat on me.” Listen below to a highlight from Hill’s “Howard Stern Show” interview!


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