Jonah Hill “GMA” Video: Watch “War Dogs” Interview On “Good Morning America”

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Jonah Hill GMA Video War Dogs

By Shari Weiss |

Jonah Hill GMA Video War Dogs


Jonah Hill spoke about his new movie War Dogs on “GMA” on Friday. Check out the video below!

The actor sat down with David Muir for the live chat, and there was some awkward banter. When the ABC news anchor asked about the star’s new look, Hill deadpanned, “It’s called a beard. Sometimes it grows on your face. You should try it, man.” And at the end of the chat, when asked where he “goes next,” Hill answered, “Home.”

But in between those awkward moments was some real insight into Hill’s latest film. “War Dogs is an unbelievable, insane story about two schmucks in Miami… They find out, through a loophole in the government at that time, how to become international arms dealers and make over $300 million selling guns to the U.S. government,” he explained.

Hill noted, “It’s kind of like a gangster movie, like a crime movie, but it’s really darkly funny, too.” And the challenge for him was playing a “sociopath” who’s also “charming.” He admitted, “The part was so good, I was like I’m going to be too jealous if this comes out and someone else plays the part.”

“The story is just so unbelievable, you wouldn’t believe it’s true if it didn’t actually happen,” Hill said. And he took on the project after working on The Wolf Of Wall Street. The movie star pointed out, “They’re both films that explore American greed and the corruption of the American dream.”

The interview also included a flashback to Hill’s first job. Watch below!


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