Jon Voight: Jennifer Aniston Is NOT Playing My Daughter In A Movie, Despite Claim

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Jon Voight Jennifer Aniston

By Michael Lewittes |

Jon Voight Jennifer Aniston

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Jennifer Aniston is not going to play Jon Voight’s daughter in an upcoming movie, despite a wholly fabricated report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this rumor, which was started in one of the tabloids. We know this is 100 percent not true because Voight himself tells Gossip Cop it’s a lie.

The manufactured story was printed in OK!, a magazine that knows virtually nothing about Aniston. According to the tabloid’s latest piece of fiction, Aniston is about to “embark on her juiciest role yet: Jon Voight’s on-screen daughter.” The tabloid then notes, “It’s a surprising casting choice, considering Jon’s real-life offspring is Angelina Jolie!”

OK! then has a made-up (non-existent) “insider” quoted as saying, “Jen thinks it’s strange that producers would want to cast her opposite Jon,” adding, “But, at the same time, she knows it would create incredible buzz and would most likely annoy Angie, which she probably sees as a win-win!”

So, what’s the name of the movie in which producers want to cast Aniston opposite Voight? What’s the plot other than Voight and Aniston supposedly playing a father and daughter? OK! doesn’t mention either of those crucial facts, because its story is completely fake. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this blatant lie because Voight himself tells us it’s not true, noting that he’s “never heard” of the so-called film project.

OK! has a long ignominious history of making up phony stories about Aniston, who has no beef with Jolie these days. A little more than a month ago, the tabloid falsely reported Aniston was pregnant and secretly got married in Los Cabos, Mexico. Gossip Cop previously schooled the unreliable magazine when it said Aniston was expecting in September 2014, November 2013, June 2013, and March 2011. The only fertile things here are the imaginations of the writers at OK!


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