Jon Stewart Crashes Jimmy Kimmel Monologue With Matt Damon Video

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Jon Stewart Jimmy Kimmel Video

By Shari Weiss |

Jon Stewart Jimmy Kimmel Video


Jon Stewart crashed Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue on Friday. It was all for a good cause and even Matt Damon was involved. Watch the video below!

As Gossip Cop has reported, “Jimmy Kimmel Live” has spent the week taping in Brooklyn. For the final episode of the annual East Coast trip, the host was naming the show’s guests when a group of breakdancers suddenly ran out on stage and started performing. Joining them with an oversized boombox was Stewart. “I don’t know what’s going on,” Kimmel admitted as the New York audience cheered. He shut off the music, insulting the former “Daily Show” host in the process. “What are we doing?” Stewart deadpanned. “I’m with my crew. We’re getting fresh with my crew, Pop and Lox. We rock it. This is what we do!”

Kimmel responded, “You guys are great. I just want to say, though, this is wonderful, but I’m in the middle of a show right here. You remember how shows work?” The two men then argued over who actually rented out the Brooklyn Academy of Music’s concert hall. “I really need to finish my monologue, if you don’t mind,” Kimmel insisted. Stewart, however, was unwilling to give in without a dance-off. When Kimmel wouldn’t partake, Stewart said the only other way he’d leave “peacefully” was if Kimmel promoted his upcoming charity special for HBO, “Night Of Too Many Stars.”

The annual event serves as a fundraiser for the autistic community, and Stewart said “all” the late night shows will be involved, including Kimmel, who made a special video. “Yeah, I rather not talk about that,” he said. Of course, Stewart wasn’t having it and offered to show the footage to the crowd. The video featured Kimmel and Damon sitting at opposite ends of a very long dining table, with the comedian saying, “The reason I’m here with that is to raise money for Next For Autism… He’s here for publicity.” Expletives, spoon-throwing and the chance for fans to win an “uncomfortable dinner” with the pair through Omaze followed. Check out the full video with Stewart and Damon below!

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