Jon Ossoff Election: “The View” Slams Attack Ad (VIDEO)

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The View Jon Ossoff Ad

By Shari Weiss |

The View Jon Ossoff Ad


“The View” co-hosts slammed an attack ad against Jon Ossoff on Tuesday, the same day as Georgia’s special election. Watch the video below.

As Gossip Cop has reported, Ossoff is running to represent the state’s 6th Congressional District, which was left vacant after Donald Trump nominated Tom Price to be Secretary of Health in his Cabinet. After a narrow primary in April, the Democratic Ossoff is now competing against Republican Karen Handel in today’s runoff.

With constituents going to the polls, many are wondering how an attack ad released by a conservative super PAC may affect the election’s outcome. The commercial tries to connect Ossoff to both last week’s congressional shooting and Kathy Griffin’s controversial photo shoot with Trump’s decapitated head. A voiceover says, “When will it stop? It won’t if Jon Ossoff wins on Tuesday. Because the same unhinged leftists cheering last week’s shooting are all backing Jon Ossoff, and if he wins, they win. Stop them. Stop them now. Stop Jon Ossoff. Stop Nancy Pelosi.”

On the ABC talk show, Whoopi Goldberg said the ad and the tension surrounding this race show “how dirty politics can get.” “I thought we were all sort of coming together after this insane shooting,” she went on. “If you make it about the insane left, then one has to make it about the insane right or the insane Latino or the insane black person. So does this help?”

Responded Jedediah Bila, “I find that the ads that are coming from the actual people who are running are never the craziest ones. You often have these PACs which aren’t affiliated with the candidates that get away with such horrific things. This ad does not come from the Handel campaign. On Monday, when she was asked if the ad should be taken off, she said absolutely. The campaign said it was disturbing, disgusting.”

“What concerns me is, who are these people talking to?” asked Bila. “Because if you think you’re doing Karen Handel a favor by putting this ad out, you’re not. You’re making her look bad by association because people look at this and think it’s from her. They’ll think it’s from her trying to take him out and it’s not. It’s from this ridiculous PAC. So someone has to hold these PACs accountable, more than the candidates.”

Sunny Hostin, though, worried the commercial will sway voters. “I wonder if it’s going to be effective, because they have Kathy Griffin holding up the head. That got a lot of traction and I think people were very angry about it and there is this narrative going on that there’s ‘crazy liberals’ and [people are] ‘freaked out’ because Trump is the president, and I think it possibly could be effective. This is a very close race,” she stated.

“But it’s a bad example, because Kathy Griffin, for example, everyone across the board came out and said ‘this was too much,'” replied Sara Haines. “So it wasn’t like something that divided us in feedback. Everyone spoke out, so by using that, it’s manipulative.” But to Hostin’s point, Joy Behar noted, “It’s the visual and she’s a celebrity. That’s great ammunition. ”

Goldberg argued, “I think this is one of those things people have to take a look at, and if [Handel] had said, ‘I demand that you take this down, because you’re running this in my name,’ I think that would’ve [helped].'” When Behar pointed out “the left is having a reaction to Trump, and it’s valid in a certain way,” the moderator stressed, “But we didn’t shoot anybody.”

Agreed Bila, “You cannot put out an attack ad claiming that liberals are cheering [the shooting]. You can’t do that, and you wouldn’t like it if it was done to you.” With the polls open as the co-hosts filmed their discussion, Hostin added, “Let’s see if it has real effect, because this seat hasn’t been won by a Democrat since 1978.” As Gossip Cop reported, “The View” previously debated Trump campaigning against Ossoff. Check out the new video below.

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