Jon Mero “The Voice” Audition Video – Watch “Versace On The Floor” Performance

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Jon Mero The Voice Audition Video

By Shari Weiss |

Jon Mero The Voice Audition Video


Jon Mero turned all four chairs with his Bruno Mars cover on “The Voice” on Monday. Watch the video below!

Mero, who described himself as a “pop artist,” said his goal was to really “connect” and “put my emotions into this song.” Well, he chose one of Mars’ slinkiest and sexiest to do that with: “Versace On The Floor.” Blake Shelton hit his button first, but Jennifer Hudson and Adam Levine followed almost immediately. Miley Cyrus later became impressed enough to push her button with the heel of her shoe. She and the rest of the coaches gave the aspiring star a standing ovation when he finished, which actually made Mero jump up and down in excitement.

“You weren’t coming to ‘The Voice’ today. You were coming to your show,” Jennifer Hudson told him. “I did not want that to end. That was just amazing. I felt like I was at your concert.” Adam Levine called Mero’s voice “tremendous,” and actually compared his performance style to Prince. “That is an impossible thing to teach and has to be something that is in your DNA,” he said, adding, “I honestly see this as a step on the never-ending staircase of your career.”

Hudson further said Mero knows he’s a “star” and someone who “owned their moment,” while Shelton falsely assumed he was a trained dancer. “If I would’ve tried some of the moves you did, I would’ve hyper-extended my knee,” he quipped, also telling the contestant he’s an “incredible” singer. And Cyrus said she was only the last person to turn around because she wanted to “make sure I listen and I know that I’m inspired, because if I’m inspired, then I’ll love you.”

Cyrus went on to invite Mero’s mom to join him on stage, as her enthusiastic side-stage reactions could be heard. He became emotional as he discussed her support, but he had to make his big decision on his own. And he chose to join Team Adam! Check out the video below!

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