Jon Hamm Tells Jimmy Fallon About Going To Justin Bieber Concert

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Jon Hamm Jimmy Fallon Video

By Shari Weiss |

Jon Hamm Jimmy Fallon Video


Jon Hamm is officially a Belieber. On Friday’s “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” he revealed he happily went to a Justin Bieber concert in Atlanta. Check out the video below!

Hamm was on the late-night program to promote his role in the new movie Majorie Prime, but Fallon also brought up Baby Driver, which was a critical and financial success when it opened this summer. The film has been dubbed an “action musical” for the way it incorporates music, and the actor revealed some Atlanta icons like Big Boi and Killer Mike have cameos in the movie that fans may have missed. That prompted Fallon to ask if he was able to go to any local concerts while shooting in the city, and Hamm shared that he not only went to three shows, but one of them was Bieber’s.

Fallon was pretty surprised, confessing, “I didn’t see you as a Belieber.” Quipped Hamm, “They say zig, I say zag.” Asked how the concert was, the “Mad Men” star admitted, “It was great. I went with some friends, and I was like, ‘I don’t know, he’s got a big album out, couple cool songs.’ Like, ‘why not?’ I met him once doing a digital short on ‘SNL’ or something.”

“Here’s what I wanted to hear,” Hamm went on to confess. “I wanted to hear 15,000 teenage kids lose their minds. Mission accomplished. It was amazing.” This is a marked change from 2014, when Hamm infamously slammed Bieber as a “sh*thead” in an interview. The other two performances he attended was Beyoncé’s and what turned out to be Prince’s last-ever show. Taken together, he said the three artists show the “breadth of my musical taste.” He recalled of that Prince concert, “Jam packed house. 90 minutes end to end. Never stopped playing. It was amazing, like a religious experience.”

In addition to chatting, Fallon and Hamm also played a hilarious “Face It Challenge,” in which they had to make funny faces and see who would break first. The host was already smiley and giggly as he explained the game, prompting Hamm to note, “You can’t even get through that without breaking.” Watch all the videos below.

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