Jon Hamm NOT Drunk Again, Despite Report

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Jon Hamm Drunk

By Michael Lewittes |

Jon Hamm Drunk

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Jon Hamm was not drunk nor was he recently spotted drinking alcohol again, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this inaccurate and unfair claim of a relapse. We’re told it’s entirely “not true.”

According to a piece by the repeatedly discredited RadarOnline, Hamm was “drinking in Atlanta, even though he successfully completed a stint in rehab last year.” The webloid, picking up a story from its sister outlet Star magazine, writes that Hamm was “seemingly drinking away his hard-won sobriety, one gin and tonic at a time” at an Atlanta lounge called Sister Louisa’s Church of the Living Room & Ping Pong Emporium. A so-called “eyewitness” is quoted as saying, “An alarm went off in my head because I knew he’d been to rehab last year.” The same supposed “eyewitness ” alleges Hamm and a blonde woman were “drinking multiple gin and tonics,” and he “wasn’t trying to hide whatsoever.”

From there, the questionable webloid veers off, offering a number of unrelated theories about Hamm being stressed in Atlanta, where he’s shooting Baby Driver, “one of four films he’s shot back-to-back.” The site also throws in how Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt split up after many years together. And the outlet has a dubious “source” claim, “Jon’s behavior could jeopardize his career and his health… We’re all incredibly concerned.”

First off, if the “eyewitness” had an “alarm” go off in his or her head about Hamm allegedly drinking, why take grainy photos of him in a lounge and sell them to a supermarket tabloid instead or going up to him and expressing concern? Regardless of the eyewitness’ motivations, Gossip Cop looked into this tale, and we can exclusively report that Hamm was not “hammered,” as claimed, nor was he “drinking multiple gin and tonics.” In fact, he wasn’t drinking any alcohol.

The reason Hamm “wasn’t trying to hide whatsoever” was because he had nothing to hide as he drank plain tonic water. A mutual pal of Gossip Cop and Hamm’s exclusively assures us there’s nothing to be “concerned” about because the handsome star is not boozing again. Our impeccable insider tells us the RadarOnline story is “not true.”

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Jon Hamm is drinking alcohol again.


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