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Jon Hamm's star status, as well as his charisma and good looks, means the tabloids are constantly pairing him with whichever woman he happens to be near. There have been a lot of phony rumors about the actor's dating life. Here are a few Gossip Cop has busted.

In October 2017, the New York Post questioned Hamm's friendship with Dakota Johnson by asking if there was "a romance blossoming." After it (correctly) referred to them as "genetically blessed actors," the outlet said two had been spotted drinking wine together at a New York bar. "They seemed to really be enjoying each other's company," one tipster told the publication.

Gossip Cop checked with one of our sources in Johnson's camp, who clarified that the two are only friends. To the Post's credit, it just idly speculated about the two without any clear intention of misleading readers about the nature of their relationship. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for Life & Style.

Months after the Post's relatively harmless story, Life & Style aggressively pursued the Hamm/Johnson narrative by publishing a piece about Johnson ghosting Hamm for Coldplay frontman Chris Martin. The tabloid claimed Martin "swooped in" and stole Johnson from Hamm, leaving the Mad Men star heartbroken. In reality, however, Johnson and Hamm were never dating, so it was impossible for Martin to "steal" Johnson in the first place. Gossip Cop checked with one of our sources close to the situation, who assured us it was a made-up rumor.

In November 2018, the National Enquirer and its sister site, RadarOnline, tried to push the rumor that Hamm and Sarah Silverman were hooking up with a story about the two being "friends with benefits." After the pair attended two events together — the premiere of Silverman's Ralph Breaks the Internet and her Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony — the tabloid got busy alleging the two were, er, getting busy. An anonymous source told the outlet that the actor and the comedienne were "comfortable with one another — so why not?"

That seemed to be the only reason the tabloid paired them off together. Gossip Cop checked with representatives for both Silverman and Hamm, who respectively dismissed it as "absolutely false" and "not the case." The two are merely longtime friends.

OK!, meanwhile, decided to take a totally different approach. In March, the magazine claimed Hamm was in desperate need of dating help from Malin Akerman. The tabloid's so-called source refers to Hamm as the "saddest, sorriest bachelor" Akerman had ever seen, "but Malin's made it her mission to help him find his dream girl."

Gossip Cop checked with our sources in Akerman and Hamm's respective camps, and both said there was no truth to the claims. Furthermore, our source close to Akerman told us that the actress isn't the type to force herself into other people's love lives. The story was entirely baseless.

Just last month, RadarOnline falsely connected Hamm to Linday Shookus, who had previously dated Ben Affleck. The two attended a show on Broadway together, which was enough for the tabloids to claim they were romantically involved. Headlines on the phony subject dragged Affleck into the equation for no other reason than to stir up drama. The outlet pointed to "reports" about Hamm and Shookus "cozying up" to one another, but ultimately had no insight into the pair's actual night out or relationship.

Gossip Cop ran the story by Hamm's spokesperson, who told us on the record that he and Shookus have been friends for years and their relationship is completely platonic. The ultimate truth behind the gossip site's story was simply that two friends attended a Broadway show together.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


Debunking This Week's Tabloids: September 25, 2020