Jon Dorenbos “America’s Got Talent” Video: Watch NFL Magician In Finals!

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Jon Dorenbos AGT Finale Video

By Shari Weiss |

Jon Dorenbos AGT Finale Video


Jon Dorenbos had a new magic trick up his sleeve for the “America’s Got Talent” finals on Tuesday. Watch below!

As Gossip Cop has reported, Dorenbos is a football player currently signed to the Philadelphia Eagles. But his other lifelong passion is magic. And during each of his appearances on season 13 of “AGT,” he has stunned the judges with his tricks. Throughout the NBC competition, he’s also never once been in jeopardy of elimination, indicating he’s won over the audience, too.

Now Dorenbos had to pull off his biggest trick yet in hopes of taking home the $1 million prize. It began with the athlete-magician having all of the judges signing playing cards, but Simon Cowell had to write the name of someone meaningful. He chose Eric, in honor of his son.

After shuffling the deck, Dorenbos pulled out each card with sleight of hand tricks, all while giving a speech about how magic is a metaphor for life. The moving trick earned a standing ovation from the judges, with Howie Mandel saying afterward, “It was more than magic. It was inspirational. You made names appear. You made hearts appear. You made tears appear.”

Mel B admitted she didn’t understand what was going on at first, in part because she was distracted by Dorenbos’ inspirational words and forgot to watch his hands. She went on, “I managed to figure it out now — you’re just magic. That’s it.”

And Simon Cowell said, “You talk the talk, you walk the walk, but you’re more than just a great performer. I think you’re someone we’d all be very proud to say, ‘The winner of this show is Jon Dorenbos.'” Check out the video below!


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