Jon Dorenbos “America’s Got Talent” Video: NFL Magician Gets Standing Ovation

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Jon Dorenbos AGT Quarterfinals Video

By Shari Weiss |

Jon Dorenbos AGT Quarterfinals Video


Jon Dorenbos received a standing ovation from all the judges during the first live “America’s Got Talent” of season 11 on Tuesday. Watch below!

As Gossip Cop has reported, Dorenbos is a NFL player with the Philadelphia Eagles. But when not on the field, he’s practicing magic. And his tricks so far have stunned the panel, and guest judge Ne-Yo even picked Dorenbos for the Golden Buzzer advantage during the Judge Cuts round.

Now for quarterfinals, Dorenbos took his magic to a new level with some serious mind-reading. Gossip Cop won’t spoil how it went down, but the entire panel stood in applause at the end. “I am mesmerized,” Howie Mandel told Dorenbos. “I predict that people are going to be voting right now, and I predict we’re gonna see you for another round.”

Mel B assured the audience, “We had no idea. You had no idea what we were gonna draw.” She went on, “I can’t actually believe you did what you just did. That is crazy.” Heidi Klum also praised, “You are super-engaging. I just love watching you…. Your magic is super solid.”

A shocked Simon Cowell insisted, “It was magic because it was right in front of me and no one’s touched anything.” He further told Dorenbos, “I think you are a great guy, a real American hero, a real superstar. America’s gonna get behind you. Brilliant.” Check out the full video below!


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