Jon Cryer: “I’d Love” Charlie Sheen “Back In My Life” (AUDIO)

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Jon Cryer Howard Stern Charlie Sheen

By Andrew Shuster |

Jon Cryer Howard Stern Charlie Sheen

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Jon Cryer appeared on Tuesday’s “Howard Stern Show,” during which he spoke about his complicated relationship with Charlie Sheen. The actor admitted he’d love to have his former co-star back in his life, but only if he’s sober. Listen to the interview audio below!

“He just went crazy out of nowhere,” Cryer told Stern about Sheen’s infamous 2011 meltdown during the filming of their hit show “Two and a Half Men.” After Sheen got fired from the series, he bashed most of the cast and crew, including Cryer, whom he referred to as a “troll.” Cryer said the hostility was “blindsiding” because the two had gotten along well and had no issues while working together.

Cryer acknowledged that Sheen did later apologize to him by simply stating, “I’m sorry for all the bulls**t, man.” Cryer noted, “And I was like, ‘That’s it? There was a lot of bulls**t. There was an enormous amount of bulls**t!'” But the actor also insisted to Stern that he holds “no ill will towards [Sheen],” and has sympathy for the actor “because he’s got a disease.” Cryer continued, “He’s got an addiction that’s just kicking his ass. I’d love to have him back in my life again. I’d love for him to be sober. But unfortunately, he’d have to be.” Listen below to audio from Cryer’s “Howard Stern Show” interview!


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