JoJo Fletcher Kicked Jordan Rodgers Out?

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JoJo Fletcher Kicked Out Jordan Rodgers

By Shari Weiss |

JoJo Fletcher Kicked Out Jordan Rodgers

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JoJo Fletcher kicked Jordan Rodgers out? That’s the claim in one of this week’s tabloids. Gossip Cop is taking a closer look at what’s going on.

“Fed up with cheating reports, Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher takes action against fiancé Jordan Rodgers,” declares Life & Style, which further writes, “After a new wave of cheating allegations surfaced about her fiancé, the former Bachelorette has had enough.” The magazine specifically claims, “JoJo kicked Jordan out of their Dallas house” last month, just before he started his new job with ESPN.

A so-called “insider” alleges, “She doesn’t feel comfortable living under the same roof as him anymore. JoJo can’t trust Jordan and feels she’s been betrayed. So she told him to take his stuff and get out.” That certainly makes it sound like the relationship is over. But, unsurprisingly, the outlet goes on to back off the seriousness of its claims.

“JoJo knew Jordan was leaving anyway” because of work obligations, Life & Style admits, going on to also note, “But JoJo’s not pulling the plug on the relationship just yet.” This is a typical tabloid trick. Since the publication knows Fletcher and Rodgers are still together, the magazine thinks it can get away with a story about a supposed fight by adding that, oh, yeah, they already made up.

It’s a convenient cover for why Fletcher and Rodgers are obviously still together, despite this tabloid tale about the reality star kicking him out. So here’s the real deal: There’s no denying that their relationship has been dogged by less than flattering claims. And “The Bachelor” franchise doesn’t exactly have the greatest record when it comes to their couples getting married.

But there’s simply no truth to the allegation that Fletcher kicked Rodgers out. In fact, on Wednesday, the same day this article was published, the “Bachelorette” star posted an Instagram photo of herself on a hike with Rodgers. Clearly, she hasn’t kicked him too far yet.

By the way, Life & Style also claimed nearly a month ago that Fletcher and Rodgers were “over already.” For now, that’s still not the case and the couple is keeping up appearances.

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