JoJo Fletcher “GMA” Video: Watch “Bachelorette” Premiere Interview!

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JoJo Fletcher GMA Video Bachelorette Premiere

By Shari Weiss |

JoJo Fletcher GMA Video Bachelorette Premiere


JoJo Fletcher teased the new season of “The Bachelorette” on Monday’s “GMA,” just hours before the big premiere. Watch below!

Though the season is only just now beginning, Fletcher has already wrapped filming, and now has to keep the ending to herself. “That’s the hardest part,” she told Amy Robach. “We just kinda finished, and now it’s just kinda tight-lipped.”

That said, Fletcher did acknowledge she’s “really happy.” As for how her journey starts, the reality star gives props to one contestant who rides in on a unicorn, a nod to her own entrance on “The Bachelor” with a unicorn mask. “That one was really cool,” she said. “A lot of these guys, they took risks and it really worked.”

“I probably wouldn’t change anything that I did,” Fletcher went on to reflect. “I don’t have any regrets, except for maybe hang out with that unicorn a little longer, and take off my heels whenever I had a chance, because my feet were dying that night.”

Fletcher also shared the advice she received from former Bachelorettes, noting, “They just said follow your heart, trust your gut, and know the difference between this hot, passionate chemistry and love, and don’t get that confused.” Check out the full interview below!


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