JoJo Fletcher “GMA” Video: I’m Not Talking To Ben, Ready For A “Bachelorette” Engagement – WATCH!

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JoJo Fletcher GMA Video Bachelorette Interview

By Shari Weiss |

JoJo Fletcher GMA Video Bachelorette Interview


JoJo Fletcher opened up about getting dumped by Ben Higgins and her new journey with “The Bachelorette” in an interview broadcast on Friday’s “Good Morning America.” Watch below.

As Gossip Cop reported, Higgins broke up with Fletcher on “The Bachelor” finale, which aired earlier this month. Though he had told the real estate developer that he had love for her, the reality star confessed, “But I found it with somebody else more.” That would be Lauren B., whom he’s (so far) still set to wed.

On “GMA,” Fletcher acknowledged that she went into the show’s final day “feeling like I was going to get engaged. I mentally prepared myself for that.” To say “it didn’t work out” is probably an understatement, though, and she admitted, “Ben and I don’t communicate. I kind of have my relationship with Lauren, which is my first priority.”

Fletcher said she spent weeks “trying to recover from my breakup with Ben,” and now that she has, she has a crop of men vying for her affections on “The Bachelorette,” which has already begun filming. “I am connecting with these guys. I’m having fun with them,” she teased. “I’m actually feeling feelings, which I didn’t expect so early on.”

The 25-year-old Texan also gave vague hints about her ideal guy, saying, “I’m looking for a man that can make me feel safe and protected, and somebody that I can trust.” And she seems determined to find him. “I want to be engaged. I want marriage. I want a family. So I feel like this could happen right now,” she said. Check out the full video below.


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