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Is Johnny Depp trying to woo Margot Robbie? A recent article in a tabloid suggests the actor is trying to charm the Australian actress. Gossip Cop has looked into the story. Here’s what we found out.

To say Johnny Depp has had a turbulent year could be an understatement. The actor is currently embroiled in a bitter divorce battle with his former wife, Amber Heard. According to New Idea, Depp is hoping that Margot Robbie will be his “ticket” back into the Hollywood A-list. The outlet claims Depp is “lavishing” Robbie with gifts and flowers in the hope she’ll convince her movie bosses to cast her in the Pirates of the Caribbean project.

Depp has played the iconic character, Captain Jack Sparrow, in the Disney franchise since 2003. It was recently announced that Disney was developing a female-lead spin-off from the series and Robbie is attached to the film. A supposed source told the magazine, “Margot can’t believe it. You know you’ve made it when Johnny Depp thinks you have the pull in Hollywood to get him a role.” The so-called insider continues Depp is “bombarding” her with messages and scripts, adding, “He’s sent her a bunch of black rose heads ‘from one pirate to another.’”

From what the outlet is claiming to what the headlines read, there seems to be some misleading going on here. The title of the story suggests Depp is pursuing Robbie romantically, while the article purports something entirely different. It comes off as if New Idea was looking to draw in readers with it’s deceiving title. In regards to Depp “wooing” the actress into working with him, Robbie does have an extensive work schedule. According to her IDMB page, Robbies has quite a few projects in the works, including the Pirates of the Caribbean spin-off. However, there isn’t any substantial evidence to support the idea that Depp and Robbie would be working together anytime soon.

It’s hard to believe anything New Idea reports, given the tabloid’s unreliability in the past. In 2018, we busted the outlet for claiming Jennifer Lawrence was jealous of Margot Robbie. There wasn’t proof to support this bogus allegation which is why Gossip Cop wasted no time in correcting the phony story. The outlet contended Lawrence felt Robbie was “stealing her spotlight” after the Australian actress was nominated for her performance in I, Tonya. Gossip Cop learned the story was untrue. A source close to the situation assured us the story was fabricated.

Earlier this year, we busted the tabloid again for stating Robbie requested not to be seated next to Brad Pitt at the Golden Globes ceremony. The reason why she allegedly asked this was due to the “tension” between her and Pitt. This was also inaccurate. Robbie never made such a request. Gossip Cop dismissed the phony story when it came out.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop cannot come to a verdict either way.


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