Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio had a rocky time when they first worked together on What's Eating Gilbert Grape, but one rumor says that they still haven't buried the hatchet. The report claims that the two stars are straight-up "at war." Gossip Cop looked into the story.

Johnny Depp Was 'Threatened' By DiCaprio's Talent?

"Hollywood Bad Boys At War!" shouted Woman's Day. According to the magazine, Depp and Dicaprio have been at odds "for more than 25 years," and their distaste for one another has only grown in the time since they first worked together nearly three decades ago. Pointing to Depp's past admission of "torturing" the young DiCaprio on the film, the outlet reported that "the famous film stars have taken their bitter feud well and truly to the next level!"

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"They haven't liked each other since...Johnny recognised Leo's talent and he just felt threatened. It only made matters worse when Leo was nominated for a Best Supporting Actor Oscar and Johnny didn't even get a look in," an anonymous insider explained. The magazine argued that after Depp's legal battle against a British tabloid revealed that he'd apparently nicknamed DiCaprio "pumpkin-head" at one point, it's gotten worse. "As Leo became more famous, his rift was forgotten — but not from Johnny's side. Over the years, he has refused to watch Leo's films and made it really awkward for all their mutual friends." Likewise, DiCaprio is supposedly turning up the heat on Depp. "Leo's reputation is much more powerful than Johnny's now," the source concluded, with one final serious note:

Johnny's messed with the wrong guy!

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The Truth About Depp 'Torturing' Young Leonardo DiCaprio

The narrative about a feuding Depp and DiCaprio isn't new. In fact, Gossip Cop looked into a remarkably similar story from NW a few weeks ago, which likewise staked its argument in the fact that Depp was rude to DiCaprio on set and the legal battle drama. And unsurprisingly, Woman's Day used the same dirty trick that NW did — omitting all context.

Turns out, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor "admitted" that as a 30-year-old experienced actor dealing with a 19-year-old kid, he wasn't the nicest. The comments were all in good humor, with him poking more fun at himself than DiCaprio, who mostly wanted to talk about video games with and bum cigarettes from Johnny Depp. He was otherwise highly complimentary of his co-star, which directly counters the tabloid's insider.

The whole bit about Depp being jealous over the Oscars is just as silly. DiCaprio got a nod for his nuanced, emotional, and difficult performance as a supporting character. Depp, as the lead, would be against Liam Neeson in Schindler's List and Tom Hanks in Philadelphia, who would end up winning. The other nominees were Laurence Fishburne, Anthony Hopkins, and Daniel Day-Lewis for crying out loud. He knew he wasn't going to be competing and had no reason to be bitter. With no torture nor award envy, there's no truth to this story. Both actors are clearly far more focused on more important issues and their own careers than they are with some weird old "feud" over Depp not giving him a smoke when they were on set decades ago.

There Are Some Sketchy Past Claims, Too

It seems like someone at Woman's Day is obsessed with What's Eating Gilbert Grape, as the magazine seems to love pitting the two actors against one another. Two years ago, it made up a weird love triangle that had Depp and DiCaprio scrambling to date Jennifer Aniston of all people.

Of course, the tabloid's respective reporting on Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio is just as bad. Recently, it tried to argue that DiCaprio was going to be a father, which wasn't true. Before that, he was supposed to be getting flirty with Margaret Qualley, which also wasn't true. As for Depp, the magazine has been desperate to pair him with Angelina Jolie, and it even claimed that Michelle Pfeiffer had set them up. We don't know if this outlet is simply throwing darts at a list of actors to incorrectly pit against or with one another, but it sure feels like it — and honestly, that method might end up being right more often than the tabloid.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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