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Over the last year, Gossip Cop has busted a number of wrong rumors about Johnny Depp's personal and professional lives. The tabloids have spread misinformation on both the actor's love life and the future of his career. Below, check out five examples.

Last August, Star alleged Depp was quitting the Hollywood Vampires. He formed the group in 2015 with rock icons Alice Cooper and Joe Perry, but a so-called "source" claimed, "The band makes no money and the last tour was a disaster." The group was further described as "terrible" and "cringeworthy," with a so-called "source" sniping, "No one wants to see three old dudes strutting around in leather pants and scarves." Gossip Cop, however, was assured Depp had no plans to ditch the act, and Cooper had done an interview saying they'd all be touring in 2018. Sure enough, this past March the Hollywood Vampires announced their new tour dates, and they've been on the road, Depp included, since May. Shows are currently scheduled through early July.

In September, Star spread more falsehoods when it claimed Depp was dating Angelina Jolie "seven years after sparks flew" during production of The Tourist. An alleged "insider" even insisted the timing of the purported romance made "perfect sense" since Depp had "finalized his nasty divorce from Amber Heard." So, why hadn't he and Jolie been seen together? Conveniently, the tabloid maintained their "trysts" were only taking place at "exotic offshore locations." But Gossip Cop learned they weren't actually taking place at all, with a Depp source telling us the narrative was "completely false." Indeed, just a few months later it was revealed Jolie hadn't dated anyone since her split from Brad Pitt, much less Depp.

By February, the gossip media tried to link Depp to Jennifer Lawrence. NW peddled an article claiming he was "desperate to woo" her, to the point where he was "bombarding her with emails and phone calls under the guise of working together on a project." Of course, it wasn't said just what that "project" supposedly was. Nevertheless, the magazine insisted Depp was confident his romantic overtures would be welcomed. It was even alleged Lawrence was open to the possibility of mixing business with pleasure. But when Gossip Cop investigated, we were told on background that Depp wasn't pursuing Lawrence as a co-star or a girlfriend. And in the few months since then, no film jointly involving the stars has been announced. Additionally, Lawrence is now dating an art gallerist.

In May, Jolie was back in the (fictional) picture. After its Lawrence flub, NW switched its focus to contend Jolie wanted to "rescue" Depp from his so-called "fall from grace." Noting she would be filming Maleficent 2 in the UK, the outlet alleged the actress planned to "invite Johnny to join her," so she could "help him get better." Of course, as Gossip Cop pointed out, this living arrangement wouldn't even be possible because Depp is on tour, and it wouldn't make sense for him to crash with Jolie between gigs. Furthermore, Jolie has all six of her kids with her in London, making it even more implausible that she'd want Depp to come live with her. Just like last fall, her focus is not on her former colleague.

Most recently, just last week HollywoodLife announced Depp was going through a "midlife crisis." After photos of the actor-musician received criticism online, the site claimed he was "concerned about aging" and didn't "like getting older" as his 55th birthday neared. The blog tried to connect his slimmed-down look to the "demanding lifestyle" of being a rocker, but it was clear the online publication was faking its insight because it previously contradictorily alleged he was "feeling fine about the way he looks." The website quite obviously didn't know the truth, which is that Depp is healthy and not in any kind of a "crisis."

In fact, it seems the only crisis lies in the gossip media's poor reporting on him. Over the last year, there have been provably false assertions, and as Gossip Cop has often said, time is not on the tabloids' side. In each of these cases, the passage of time has helped proved these claims wrong and our debunkings right. We'll keep separating fact from fiction on Depp and other stars as necessary.


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