Johnny Depp Having “Midlife Crisis” Or Playing “Role” For Band?

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Johny Depp Midlife Crisis

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Johny Depp Midlife Crisis

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Is Johnny Depp having a “midlife crisis” or is his slimmed-down appearance the result of a “role” he’s playing for his band? Don’t look to HollywoodLife for genuine insight. Gossip Cop can expose how the blog is offering contradictory “exclusives.”

After recent photos of Depp looking thin and tired received a negative reaction online, the site announced the actor was “completely unbothered” by the criticism and concern. A so-called “source close to Johnny” was quoted as saying, “He is telling [pals] that this is the look that he is going for with the band. Everything he does is a role… It’s his rockstar look. It’s also his homage to one of his idols Keith Richards.”

But just one day later, the website offered a drastically different narrative. After first claiming the Hollywood Vampires musician was “tuning out people’s concerns over his changed look because he knows there’s nothing to worry about,” the outlet then asserted he’s “concerned about aging” and in the throes of a “midlife crisis.” To be clear, the online publication went from contending Depp is “feeling fine about the way he looks” to maintaining he “doesn’t like getting older” and is struggling with turning 55.

To cap it all off, the blog is now running a new article on Saturday in honor of Depp’s birthday, and it makes zero mention of a “midlife crisis” or how he’s supposedly “pushing so hard to keep up with the demanding lifestyle” of being an actor-rocker. Now consider what more reputable outlets have reported about the star lately. People has shared how Depp is “healthy” and having a “great time” as he tours with his band. Us Weekly has also confirmed Depp is “healthy” and not suffering from “any major health issues or anything.”

Additionally, band mate Alice Cooper’s assistant has come to Depp’s defense on Instagram, writing, “He is FINE. We move around a lot at an erratic pace and we are all [expletive] exhausted. Does ANYONE look great as soon as they open their eyes? Does anyone look great when they are sleeping? What about when they’ve been on a plane every day for the last month bouncing around the world? No. I know I don’t.”

But as opposed to sharing that, or the credible reporting from trustworthy publications, HollywoodLies, as the website is known, is offering readers inconsistent information. The site masquerades as a news enterprise with “exclusives,” but it’s often apparent its stories are anything but authentic and insightful. That’s the case here.



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