Johnny Depp’s Lawyer Claims Amber Heard Avoiding Deposition

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By Andrew Shuster |

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Johnny Depp’s lawyer, Laura Wasser, claims that Amber Heard has been avoiding requests for a deposition over her domestic abuse claims. The attorney alleges that the actress is evading the legal procedure for fear that she might buckle under the pressure and discredit her own case.

Wasser filed legal documents on Friday noting that Heard and her friend Raquel Pennington, who’s testifying as a witness to Depp’s alleged drunkenness and violent behavior, claim they don’t have a free day to sit down for a deposition prior to the restraining order trial on June 17. But Wasser believes Heard and her friend simply don’t want to answer any questions under oath before the trial.

The celebrity divorce attorney also revealed that both parties were discussing settling the case out of court, but their negotiations fell apart. Wasser is also arguing that since Heard is allegedly unwilling to participate in a deposition, she shouldn’t be permitted to testify in the upcoming trial. TMZ quotes Wasser as saying, “[Amber] has tried her claims in the media. It is now time to do so in a court of law.”

Depp and his team are vehemently denying Heard’s allegations of abuse, and Wasser has previously gone on the record saying the actress, who is seeking $50,000 a month in spousal support, is falsely accusing her estranged husband for financial gain.

UPDATE: Amber’s lawyer, Samantha Spector, has now given a reason to the judge as to why the actress won’t be available for a deposition. The attorney said that Heard is currently in New Jersey for her best friend’s engagement party, and from there is flying directly to London, where she is required to have a costume fitting for the upcoming Justice League movie. Spector added that Heard won’t be back in the U.S. until late next Thursday, the day before the trial. She also countered that Heard wasn’t given sufficient notice, something the judge agreed with. The actress is said to be willing to participate in a deposition at a future date.


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