Johnny Depp’s Friends Fear He’s Hiding Deadly Illness?

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Johnny Depp Illness Deadly

By Andrew Shuster |

Johnny Depp Illness Deadly

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Johnny Depp’s friends do not fear he’s hiding a deadly illness, despite a completely untrue tabloid report. Gossip Cop can debunk the sensational claim. It’s simply not true.

Last week, photos emerged of Depp looking thinner than usual while signing autographs for fans in Europe, where he’s currently on tour with his band The Hollywood Vampires. Some fans expressed concern for the actor’s well-being, but reputable outlets such as E! News, People and “Entertainment Tonight” have all confirmed he’s perfectly healthy. NW, however, is drastically sensationalizing the situation by suggesting that Depp might be dying.

“What’s Killing Johnny?” reads a dramatic headline in the latest issue of the magazine. The accompanying article quotes an alleged “insider” as saying, “His friends are worried he’s keeping quiet about a serious illness. It’s well known that he’s a heavy drinker and the fear is his frail appearance could be linked to drugs or booze… or both.” The seemingly phony source adds, “Many are worried he possibly has liver cancer or something because he’s so skinny and has got, like, no hair now.”

The questionable tipster further contends that Depp is “a mess” and “not eating or sleeping nearly enough” while on tour. The “source” concludes, “Combined with his drinking and out-of-control behavior there’s genuine concern he could be running himself into the grave.”

Gossip Cop, however, can assure readers that Depp isn’t on the verge of death. As People reported last week, “Depp is feeling healthy and happy touring the world with his band.” E! News echoed that sentiment, and quoted a source as saying “there is no reason to be concerned” for Depp. And the respected celebrity news show “Entertainment Tonight” also confirmed that Depp is healthy, despite concerns about his appearance. All three of these outlets are much more trustworthy than NW when it comes to getting accurate news about celebrities.

It’s true that Depp has had his share of difficulties over the past few years, including an acrimonious divorce and a legal battle with his former managers. It’s reasonable to believe these situation have caused some stress, and perhaps even weight loss, but the tabloid’s claim that the actor is headed for the grave is completely absurd. A source close to Depp tells Gossip Cop on background that he’s perfectly fine. We’re further told that no on in the actor’s inner circle believes he’s dying or suffering from a serious illness.


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