Johnny Depp Health Rumors

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Johnny Depp Health Rumors

By Andrew Shuster |

Johnny Depp Health Rumors

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The tabloids are constantly alleging Johnny Depp is having health issues. Gossip Cop has debunked many false stories surrounding the actor’s well-being. Here are five wrong rumors.

Back in November, Gossip Cop busted RadarOnline for falsely claiming Depp had “boiled his brain” in a 1,000-degree sauna. The blog said the actor’s eccentric behavior was a result of him spending years frying his brain cells. The ridiculous story was based on a quip Depp made one month prior during a panel at Zurich’s FilmPodium, during which the actor admitted he relaxes in saunas to get his creative juices flowing. He joked that he recently “cranked the sauna up to about 1,000 degrees,” but it was a complete exaggeration as the hottest saunas only reach around 230 degrees. The website took Depp’s joke about sitting in a “1000-degree sauna, which is impossible, and used it to create a phony story about brain damage.

Last August, Gossip Cop called out the Globe for wrongly reporting that Depp was facing a “deadly liver crisis.” The magazine insisted the actor was suffering from liver failure, but the diagnosis was purely speculative and didn’t come from a doctor who’s ever treated Depp. In reality, the actor spent last summer touring around the world with his band The Hollywood Vampires. He went on to travel the globe promoting Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald. The actor has several other projects in development and is doing just fine.

Last June, Gossip Cop debunked a Woman’s Day story about Angelina Jolie offering to help Depp get healthy. According to the tabloid, the actress became concerned after seeing photos of Depp looking thinner than usual while signing autographs for fans in Russia. The actress was busy shooting Maleficent 2 in London at the time the report was published, while the actor was on the road with his band. Not only did a source close to Jolie dismiss the story as fiction, but around the same time, People magazine reported that Depp was “feeling healthy and happy.”

Gossip Cop also busted NW last June for falsely claiming Depp’s friends feared he was hiding a deadly illness. The bogus story was also based on the photos of the actor looking somewhat frail while signing autographs. Despite some fans expressing concern about the actor’s appearance, reputable outlets such as E! News confirmed “there is no reason to be concerned” for Depp. “Entertainment Tonight” backed up the sentiment, noting that the actor was healthy, despite concerns about his appearance. He’s still active and doing well several months later.

And finally, Gossip Cop called out HollywoodLife last June for wrongly speculating that Depp was having a “midlife crisis.” The outlet claimed the actor “doesn’t like getting older” and was struggling with turning 55. The blog had zero insight into the actor’s mental state. In addition to all of the reports indicating Depp was very happy on tour, the assistant of his bandmate Alice Cooper wrote an Instagram post assuring fans the actor was just fine.


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