Johnny Depp’s Friends “Deeply Concerned” About His Drinking?

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Johnny Depp Drinking Problem

By Andrew Shuster |

Johnny Depp Drinking Problem

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Johnny Depp’s friends are NOT “deeply concerned” about his drinking, nor are they urging him to seek treatment for alcoholism, despite a false tabloid report. Gossip Cop can correct this story. We’re told it’s “not true.”

According to the National Enquirer, Depp’s pals are worried about the actor’s supposed “hard-drinking” and think he needs to “dry out.” The actor’s so-called “buddy” tells the tabloid, “Johnny needs to get some help, and he needs to get it fast.” As supposed evidence for his alleged alcohol problem, the magazine points to the recently released video of Depp and his wife Amber Heard apologizing for illegally smuggling their dogs into Australia. The footage went viral and was widely mocked because many people found it awkward and forced, but there’s no indication Depp was drunk while filming it.

Regardless, the tabloid goes on to quote its dubious source as saying, “There’s nothing funny about his situation. I’m afraid the only thing that’s going to help him is treatment.” But Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to Depp, who tells us the actor’s friends aren’t telling him to get sober, and the tabloid’s claim is simply “not true.”

Of course, Gossip Cop isn’t particularly surprised by the tabloid’s phony report. The Enquirer is the same publication we busted for the ridiculous claim that Depp was worried about Heard cheating on him with Angelina Jolie. This latest story is equally wrong.


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