Johnny Depp NOT ‘Hooking Up’ With Angelina Jolie, Despite Report

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Johnny Depp Angelina Jolie Hooking Up

By Andrew Shuster |

Johnny Depp Angelina Jolie Hooking Up

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Johnny Depp’s friends are NOT expecting him to hook up with Angelina Jolie following her divorce from Brad Pitt, despite a ridiculous webloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this concocted claim. We’re told there’s “no truth” to it.

Depp and Jolie co-starred together in 2010’s The Tourist, and both are obviously now going through breakups, which is seemingly why HollywoodLife is trying to spark a nonexistent romance between the two. A so-called “source” claims the pair got very close back while making their movie, telling the site, “Nothing physical happened, but it’s been like a pressure cooker between them. Now they’re both single, in dire pain, and going to each other for support.” The outlet’s either fake or ill-informed insider adds, “It’s just a matter of time before they are in bed together. Do the math!”

We did the math, and once again the webloid gets a “F” for its reporting. A source close to Depp exclusively tells Gossip Cop there’s “no truth” whatsoever to the site’s fabricated claim. The actor’s friends aren’t expecting him to hook up with newly separated actress, nor are Depp and Jolie consoling one another. We’re assured the outlet’s story is entirely made-up.

Unfortunately, we’re not surprised by the webloid’s untruthful reporting. Gossip Cop has called out HollywoodLies for its several phony stories surrounding Jolie and Pitt’s split. We recently busted the outlet’s bogus claim that Pitt and Jolie had planned to adopt a seventh child shortly before separating in an effort to save their marriage. Gossip Cop also called out the site for manufacturing an article that wrongly alleged Pitt is going to rehab to win back Jolie. There was no truth to either of those reports, and the same goes for the latest tale involving Depp.

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Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie are planning to hook up.


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