Johnny Depp Furious Over Amber Heard’s Romance With New Girlfriend?

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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard attend the Los Angeles Premiere of "The Danish Girl",

By Andrew Shuster |

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard attend the Los Angeles Premiere of "The Danish Girl",

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Johnny Depp is not furious over Amber Heard’s romance with her rumored new girlfriend, Bianca Butti, despite a false report. Gossip Cop can correct the story. It’s completely made up.

Earlier this month, Heard was photographed kissing Butti, a cinematographer, and now the National Enquirer is pretending to know her ex-husband’s reaction to the PDA. An alleged insider says Depp is “convinced she’s playing the paparazzi to rub it in his face.” The supposed source adds, “That’s because any time she’s asked about a new relationship she uses the opportunity to dredge up all the dirty details of her marriage with Johnny.”

The tabloid’s report makes very little sense from the start. Depp and Heard have been engaged in a legal battle for several years. She’s accused him of domestic violence, which the actor has denied, and he responded with a $50 million defamation suit. All of these “dirty details of their marriage” have been playing out in court. The actress hasn’t even confirmed she’s dating Butti, and she certainly hasn’t used their relationship as a way to smear Depp. It’s an unrelated issue.

Still, the seemingly phony tipster continues, “He wishes she’d just move on with her life and let him get on with his. Johnny just wants Amber and all of this negative press to go away forever and quietly.” It’s certainly reasonable to believe that Depp wants to move on, but he’s also prepared to battle his ex-wife in court. In fact, the ex-spouses settled their divorce in January 2017, but Depp filed his defamation lawsuit in March 2019 shortly after Heard wrote an op-ed for The Washington Post detailing her alleged abuse. The actor is the one who waged this latest legal battle in an effort to clear his name. The ongoing saga has in fact led to more negative press and accusations, and Depp was well aware that would happen by taking his ex-wife to court again. He’s more concerned with being exonerated than letting things go away “quietly.”

Still, Gossip Cop checked in with a source close to the situation, who tells us the tabloid’s article is fabricated. Depp isn’t concerned with his ex-wife’s love life, as it has no bearing on their legal battle. Unfortunately, the Enquirer has published a lot of fiction about the ex-spouses and their tumultuous relationship.

Back in 2017, the magazine wrongly reported that Depp was refusing to do interviews for the latest Pirates of the Caribbean movie because he didn’t want to be asked questions about Heard. That story was provably false. The actor appeared on both Jimmy Kimmel Live and The Ellen DeGeneres Show to promote the film. He also participated in various press junkets around the globe.

Last year, Gossip Cop called out the Enquirer’s sister publication, OK!, for falsely claiming Depp was losing all of his Hollywood friends over Heard’s allegations. That story was also inaccurate. In fact, several of the actor’s famous pals have publicly defended him. There’s plenty of drama surrounding the ex-spouses, but the gossip media is adding baseless twists.


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