John Travolta Embraced His Baldness Thanks To Pitbull

Two photos. John Travolta on the left with a bald head and Pitbull on the right, pointing at the camera.

By Hugh Scott |

Two photos. John Travolta on the left with a bald head and Pitbull on the right, pointing at the camera.

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John Travolta fought his hair loss for years. He regularly wore wigs and hid his receding hairline, even as tabloids and other media called him out on it. Some even mocked him for it. That has all changed.

The Instagram Post Seen Around The World

Last year, the Pulp Fiction star posted a photo on Instagram with his daughter that, for the first ever, showed off his cleanly shorn dome. It was a good look and his followers loved it. In the year since it seems Travolta has fully embraced that bit of aging that affects so many men. It turns out, he may have Mr. 305 himself, Pitbull, to thank for it.

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In his early career, John Travolta’s hair made women swoon and made men want to imitate his luxurious locks. Characters like Danny Zuko and Tony Manero, with their pompadours, were legendary. In the 1990s, his career resurgence in Pulp Fiction brought a long, straight grunge-rocker look, Travolta’s hair was one of the actor’s defining features. It’s why he clung tight to a full head of hair for years after nature started taking its course. Travolta often using wigs and toupees to disguise his retreating hairline.

John Travolta Finally Leaned Into Balding

While other superstars of his era accepted their follicle forfeiture, like his Pulp Fiction co-star Bruce Willis, Travolta resisted. It’s easy to understand why. In an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, guest host Lena Waithe remarked that his hair was “famous.” The also often bald actress went on to call it “a beautiful mane.” Waithe was referring to that viral Instagram post when Travolta “came out of the closet,” so to speak, as a bald man.

It was in that conversation on Kimmel that Travolta revealed how Pitbull showed him that bald is beautiful. Waithe talked about her decision to shave her head and asked how he was feeling. The Grease star replied, “It’s so much easier, hell yeah!” Waithe continued, saying it was “kind of scary because you never know how you’re going to look bald.” Travolta explained his inspiration: “I did a movie years ago called From Paris With Love where I shaved it, so I got used to it. It wasn’t a total shock.” Travolta then brought up his fellow bald superstar. “I became friends with Pitbull. All us guys have to stick together,” Travolta said. He went on, “He encouraged it as well and the family encouraged it.” So he went for it.

Travolta Did Wear A Wig One More Time

These days, it seems Travolta has fully embraced the chrome dome look and has forgone the wigs completely. The one exception he’s made was for a publicity appearance in December at a series of Grease fan events across Florida. He appeared as Danny alongside his co-star in the iconic musical, Olivia Newton-John, dressed as Sandy of course. Travolta donned a wig to recreate the look at the time, but it was only for the character. Last month, he was back rocking the shaved look.

Something else of note happened with that appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, too. John Travolta appeared alongside his daughter with actress Kelly Preston, Ella Bleu Travolta. In June 2018, OK! falsely reported that Travolta wouldn’t allow Ella to become an actress. Gossip Cop debunked the story at the time with a mountain of evidence, and a year later, Ella was next to him on the show as they jointly promoted their movie The Poison Rose. Not only was John Travolta okay with Ella acting, but he had also embraced it as fully as he has his baldness. See the video below.