John Travolta “Kissing Another Man” Sensationalized

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John Travolta Gay Kiss Man

By Andrew Shuster |

John Travolta Gay Kiss Man

(Twitter/Richard K. Jones)

A story announcing John Travolta was “caught kissing another man” is pure sensationalism. Gossip Cop can reveal what’s really going on.

The actor is currently filming the upcoming biopic, The Life and Death of John Gotti, and recently shot scenes in Butler County, Ohio. While in town, Travolta paid a surprise visit to the town’s Sheriff, Richard K. Jones, who later tweeted a photo (see right) of the encounter. “Unexpected visit, unexpected kiss.. Awesome meeting Mr. John Travolta!!” wrote Jones. The friendly actor has been known to kiss people on the cheek while greeting them, but RadarOnline decided to completely twist the innocuous situation with a headline blaring, “CAUGHT! John Travolta’s Secret ‘Kiss’ With A Man EXPOSED.”

The repeatedly discredited site goes on to claim Travolta is “adding fuel to the fire of gay rumors,” even though he simply greeted a Sheriff in his public office, and further asks, “Does wife Kelly Preston know what he did while away on location?” But Preston was actually in town filming with her husband as she plays his character’s wife, Victoria Gotti, in the mob drama, and Travolta wasn’t engaging in any kind of secret, illicit behavior. RadarOnline’s assertion that Travolta was “caught kissing another man” is completely baseless and absurd, particularly considering the Sheriff himself wrote about it on Twitter.

In fact, this inaccurate portrayal of a rather innocent event is coming from the same frequently unreliable site Gossip Cop previously called out for publishing a completely made-up story about Travolta supposedly “teaching” Caitlyn Jenner how to fly planes, a prelude to a supposed romance. This latest report is just as sensational and equally bogus.

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John Travolta had a secret kiss with a man.


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