John Travolta and Kelly Preston are not headed for a divorce over Olivia Newton-John, despite a bogus tabloid report this week. The rumor is completely made-up. Gossip Cop has the inside scoop.

The tabloid Woman's Day published a dubiously-sourced article claiming that Travolta and Preston are on the brink of split after nearly 30 years of marriage. The evidence? Not much. The couple recently sold their house in Brentwood, Los Angeles, and last week, Travolta joined his old Grease co-star Newton-John at the G'Day USA Gala without Preston.

That alone clearly doesn't mean much, but that hasn't stopped the magazine from engaging in some good old-fashioned speculation. A so-called "friend" close to Preston and Travolta supposedly informed the tabloid that "Kelly is sick of John rubbing her face in his friendship with Olivia." In conjunction with their house going on sale, this is apparently enough information to conclude that the couple is on the outs.

This type of vicious rumor-mongering is, obviously, a complete fabrication. Gossip Cop spoke with a source close to the couple, who flatly denied the theory. Travolta had been friends with Newton-John since they first acted together, long before he was married to Preston. Back in August 2019, Newton-John confirmed her longtime friendship with both Travolta and Preston in an interview with Fox News: "It's wonderful. We speak often. I'm also good friends with his wife." The idea that this would suddenly become an issue now, after decades of friendship, simply doesn't make sense.

Furthermore, there's just no logical connection between the couple selling one of their many homes, which the tabloid places significant emphasis on, and any impending divorce. Travolta and Preston seem as happy as ever. On their anniversary last September, Preston dedicated a touching post to her husband on her Instagram account. "To my dearest Johnny, the most wonderful man I know," she commented. "You have given me hope when I have felt lost, loved me patiently and unconditionally... I trust my love with you implicitly."

The depths to which tabloids like Woman's Day will sink are incredible. Newton-John and Travolta acted in two movies together: Grease, in 1978, and Two of a Kind, in 1983. Four decades of being married to other people and doing other things apparently isn't enough to quell over-eager tabloids, searching for drama where there clearly isn't any. Gossip Cop has repeatedly had to bust the outlet for similarly phony stories, such as the entirely fictitious saga of Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga's relationship.

Get it together, Woman's Day. Those aren't actual relationships: they're actors doing their jobs, working on movies. Clearly, tabloids need to learn the difference between the big screen and real life.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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