John Travolta was not recently "caught" on a "man-date" with a gay "new squeeze," despite a fake news story. According to a new supermarket tabloid report, Travolta got "frisky" with a "piano-playing hunk" in Naples, Florida. But even the pianist doesn't say they got "cozy," as alleged by the publication. In fact, nothing romantic or sexual happened between the two men.

The latest issue of the National Enquirer claims Travolta was recently busted "on the prowl," getting "frisky" with a pianist named Mike Hennessy, who performs at the Naples restaurant Barbatella. The tabloid even quotes Hennessy, who it refers to as Travolta's "object of affection." The piano player recalls that as he was performing Frank Sinatra tunes, the movie star walked by the outdoor cafe. He goes on to tell the magazine he didn't initially recognize Travolta, but then "realized it was him."

Hennessy further notes he tried to get Travolta to sing a song with him, but the actor replied, "It's my night off." He then asked Travolta to pose for a photo, which the singer says Travolta "very happily did." The tabloid then fills out the rest of its article with a number of unconfirmed rumors about Travolta and an unnamed "onlooker" claiming the actor and pianist "sat together for quite a while," and "John looked very happy to be with Mike."

Curiously, what the Enquirer does not have is Hennessy actually saying they had a "man-date" or that he's Travolta's supposed gay "new squeeze." The piano player also doesn't say anything in the article about the two of them getting "cozy" or "frisky." Even more interestingly is what the tabloid seemingly left out on purpose. According to a story from the Naples Herald, Travolta was barely at Barbatella for "5 minutes," and called his stop-off at the restaurant nothing more than "fleeting."

The newspaper also quotes Hennessy recalling that Travolta was "very cordial, even a bit bashful, but accommodated all who asked to have a photo taken with him." And, as opposed to the tabloid's tale, which would have its readers believe that Travolta was only focused on the male pianist, the paper included a couple of photos of Travolta with women. Joyce Nash was quoted in the Naples Herald as saying she "ran up and hugged and kissed [Travolta] on the cheek." And Diane Gingras mentioned how the actor was nice enough to take a photo with her, as well.

No one claimed to have seen Travolta being "frisky" or "cozy" with Hennessy. No one called the pianist Travolta's "object or affection." It's all fake news, manufactured by the Enquirer. Reps for Travolta says his encounter with Hennessy and the others at the restaurant was nothing more than him being friendly.

Of course, the tabloid's track record with Travolta is not exactly accurate. In 2015, for example, Gossip Cop busted the magazine when it wrongly reported Travolta and Kelly Preston were getting a divorce. And last year, we corrected the publication when it falsely alleged Travolta was going on secret dates with Caitlyn Jenner. Neither of those articles were remotely true and neither is this latest sensationalized story.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop believes there to be elements of truth, but the story is ultimately misleading.


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