John Stamos And Matt Lauer Slap Each Other On “Today Show” (VIDEO)

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John Stamos Slap Matt Lauer

By Andrew Shuster |

John Stamos Slap Matt Lauer


John Stamos and Matt Lauer slapped each other during an interview on Monday’s “Today,” during which the actor taught the TV news host how to trade fake blows while acting in a fight scene. Watch the funny video below!

Stamos appeared on “Today” to promote his new FOX series “Grandfathered,” in which plays a bachelor who suddenly discovers he’s both a father and a grandfather. On the show, Stamos’ character reacts to the news by slapping the person who tells him, which is what prompted Lauer to ask, “Is it harder as an actor to slap someone, or be the guy that gets slapped, knowing it’s coming?”

Stamos responded, “You tell me,” and the two men then stood up to practice a slapping scene. “He asked me to do this, by the way,” Stamos said for the record. After Lauer said the “You’re a grandpa” line, Stamos delivered back a fairly forceful slap. “We really hit on the show,” the actor explained to the talk show host, who looked slightly taken aback by the hit. The two then reversed roles, and Lauer smacked Stamos, who replied “That was hard!”

Stamos, however, didn’t just play-fight during his time on the morning show. The actor went on to address his recent stint in rehab, and also discussed the upcoming “Full House” reboot, “Fuller House,” which is slated to debut on Netflix sometime next year. Watch Stamos and Lauer slap each other in the video below, and tell Gossip Cop what you think.


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