John Stamos And Hair Removal Cream: How Nicolas Cage Finds Acting Inspiration

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Nicolas Cage in a black fur coat on the red carpet. John Stamos in a black suit and sunglasses on the red carpet.

By Brianna Morton |

Nicolas Cage in a black fur coat on the red carpet. John Stamos in a black suit and sunglasses on the red carpet.

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Nicolas Cage’s wild acting style finds its inspiration in strange places, including an ad from 1983 starring John Stamos. The way Stamos delivered his lines in the commercial hooked Cage and he became determined to use that same delivery in a performance. Despite not quite remembering what the ad was about, Cage still recalls exactly how the line in question was delivered over 20 years later.

A Neet Story From Nic Cage

In an interview with the New York Times, Cage was asked how he defined good acting and bad acting. Cage answered in his typical, enigmatic way. “I’ve seen some horrible acting that I think is wonderful,” the National Treasure star said. “I can look at TV commercials and see cringeworthy acting, and it makes me laugh, and I’m probably going to wind up putting it in one of my performances. I mean, I’ve done it.”

When the interviewer asked for an example, Cage revealed it was none other than Full House star Stamos that he’d used as inspiration. “No offense to John Stamos, because he’s a beautiful man and a lot of fun to watch on camera, but a million years ago he did a commercial for L’eggs pantyhose. In it he said, ‘I love L’eggs pantyhose!'”

A quick correction: it actually wasn’t a L’eggs pantyhose commercial. It was a commercial for Neet hair remover. Stamos’ line was, “I love girls with great looking legs. I love Neet girls.”

Though he misremembered the product, Nicolas Cage never forgot the way the line was delivered. “And the way he went ‘love’ — he expressed it with almost a rock ’n’ roll screech,” Cage said. “I saw that commercial, and I had to put it in Peggy Sue Got Married. I was playing Charlie Bodell, and I’m with Kathleen Turner, and I said: ‘I’m in love with you.’ I’ve told John about this. He took the compliment.”

The John Stamos Connection

This isn’t the first time Stamos has gotten roped into a story that’s got nothing to do with him. He’s been a common feature in the tabloids lately, but not for anything he’s done. Rather, it’s former co-star Lori Loughlin’s legal troubles that have made Stamos a recurring feature in the papers. Since they played husband and wife on Full House and the follow-up Netflix series, Fuller House, some in the media take this to mean they are heavily involved in each others’ personal affairs.

Just a few weeks ago, the Globe reported that Loughlin had asked Stamos to look after her daughters if she went to jail. Gossip Cop had no trouble refuting this rumor. Both Olivia Jade and Isabelle, Loughlin’s daughters, are over 20 years old and legal adults. It seems unbelievable that two women in their early 20s would require a guardian.

That same outlet published an article claiming that Stamos had “betrayed” Loughlin by pitching a Full House prequel. The article relied on a questionable source that claimed that Loughlin felt Stamos proposed this idea specifically to cut her out. Gossip Cop reached out to Stamos’ rep, who was more than happy to deny the allegations. A rep close to Loughlin also nixed the idea that Loughlin felt at all betrayed by her longtime co-star.


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