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Did Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp get married in secret? That claim was printed in the pages of one tabloid last summer, but it was completely made-up. Now with the passage of time showing how silly the rumor was, Gossip Cop can set the record straight.

"America's sweetheart is off the market!" cried the first line of an article published in the National Enquirer last June. The notoriously unreliable tabloid contended that Ryan was spotted "frolicking" with her then-fiance Mellencamp in New York City wearing a wedding ring (they were just out on a walk together). The outlet also quoted a supposed "source" who claimed that Mellencamp and Ryan "got tired of all the speculation" of when and where they were going to wed, "so they just went ahead and did it on their own!"

First of all, Gossip Cop should point out that the tabloid says that only Ryan was wearing a wedding band, even though the photos were of the couple together in public. Why would Meg Ryan wear her wedding ring but John Mellencamp leave his off? This is a good time to remember Occam's Razor: the idea that the simplest answer is probably the right one. Ryan was probably just wearing a non-wedding ring as an accessory, which is a thing people do pretty often.

Second, Mellencamp and Ryan split up that November, for the reason that Mellencamp "didn't want to get married again." People, a far more trustworthy source for celebrity information, reported that Mellencamp "loves her, but marriage never seemed to be a part of it," according to a source. "It's unclear how important a marriage was to Meg. But they spent a lot of time together and it's too bad they split. They really got along so well together." That statement doesn't suggest the breakup was a bitter one, but it is crystal clear that a marriage did not happen for the now-exes. Plus, Mellencamp is reportedly dating beauty guru Jamie Sherrell at the moment.

Seriously, readers shouldn't trust the National Enquirer with any "first to know" news like this. In June 2018, Gossip Cop busted a story from the outlet alleging that Ryan's rom-com co-star Tom Hanks would be walking her down the aisle, based on no real evidence whatsoever. Early last October, just four months after publishing this story about Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp getting married, the tabloid seemingly changed its mind about the couple and instead claimed that they had broken up. While the couple did indeed split later that month, the publication had no basis for its claims at the time. That article framed the supposed split as a "massive blowout" fight, rather than the seemingly amicable parting it turned out to be. The outlet can't even get a single detail right about Mellencamp and Ryan.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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