John Mayer To “Steal Back” Katy Perry?

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John Mayer Steal Back Katy Perry

By Shari Weiss |

John Mayer Steal Back Katy Perry

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Is John Mayer trying to “steal back” Katy Perry? A new report claims he’s “waiting for Orlando Bloom to inevitably screw up so he can sweep in.” Gossip Cop investigated whether the story is fact or fiction.

RadarOnline quotes a so-called “insider” as saying, “John says he and Katy will reunite this year. He’s laying in wait for Katy to come back running into his arms. He’s incredibly patient and has been planning this for a while.”

“John’s just very dismissive of Orlando and how this guy pretends to have substance when he’s really nothing more than an international playboy, and a predictable one [at] that,” alleges the supposed source, who further claims, “John’s virtual disappearance from the public eye has everything to do with the mind games he’s playing with Katy, who he’s still madly in love with.”

The outlet’s tipster adds, “But he’s trying to keep her guessing about his personal life and he fully expects her to come running back to him when things sour with Orlando.” Of course, there’s a difference between “stealing” someone back, and hoping to reunite with them if and when their current relationship ends.

RadarOnline doesn’t seem to know which is actually Mayer’s plan. And it’s hard to take the site seriously when, over the years, it’s wrongly linked the singer to the likes of Jennifer Lawrence and Giada de Laurentiis. So it’s not surprising that Gossip Cop is now told that, when it comes to Mayer and his love life, the webloid “still doesn’t know what it’s talking about.”

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John Mayer is intending to steal back Katy Perry.


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