John Mayer Does NOT Give His Own Music For Holiday Gifts, Despite Report

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John Mayer Holiday Gifts Music

By Andrew Shuster |

John Mayer Holiday Gifts Music

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John Mayer does not gift friends with his own music for the holidays, despite a ridiculous report falsely accusing the singer of being an egomaniac. Gossip Cop is exclusively assured there’s no truth to the story.

“Conceited Much? John Mayer Gifts Pals The Ultimate Christmas Present: Himself!” reads a new RadarOnline headline. A so-called “friend” of the singer tells the webloid, “John is famous for giving out his own CDs and DVDs as gifts. He isn’t doing it to be funny or silly. He honestly thinks that nothing could be better than getting a gift of John singing or performing on stage.”

The outlet’s questionable insider further contends that Mayer’s friends try to pretend they’ve listened to his music without actually doing so, but he later “asks questions to make sure that they did.” The alleged source adds, “I dread each holiday or birthday when I get mail, so far I haven’t received the gift of John yet, but I know people who have!”

Despite how absurd this story sounds, and how long Mayer has been around and this claim was never made before, Gossip Cop still checked in with a source close to the singer, who laughed off the site’s claim before exclusively assuring us it’s “not true.” Mayer simply doesn’t give friends his own music for the holidays, and the assertion otherwise is entirely bogus. In fact, the singer has actually been known to give out thoughtful gifs to his loved ones.

In honor of his father’s 90th birthday in October, Mayer established a college scholarship fund in his dad’s name at the Connecticut high school where he served as the principal for several years. Unfortunately, we’re not surprised by RadarOnline’s phony report. Gossip Cop busted the magazine last year for making up a story about Mayer trying to “steal back” Katy Perry from her then-boyfriend Orlando Bloom. This latest article about the singer is equally untrue.

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