John Mayer And Halsey Are ‘Friends With Benefits’?

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John Mayer Halsey dating

By Griffin Matis |

John Mayer Halsey dating

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Are John Mayer and Halsey really “friends with benefits”? That’s the tired claim from one uncreative tabloid. Gossip Cop can debunk the rumor.

Star, saying the two music stars “having their cake and eating it too,” alleges they’ve been hooking up behind the scenes. “They have a great time together and invite each other to their concerts, where they make a big fuss about their rumored romance,” an anonymous tipster tells the magazine. “They love the attention.”

The tabloid points out the fact that Mayer and Halsey are occasionally playful with one another on social media, but maintains that “behind closed doors,” things are way more intimate. “There are a lot of blurred lines between them,” the alleged source says. “Time will tell if they step this up to a real romance.”

Although the outlet does acknowledge that the two musicians have repeatedly denied they’re more than friends, it brushes off  the denials and insists they’re hooking up. These claims are nothing more than a tired retreading of old gossip that emerged nearly a year ago. The tabloids, unable to secure any real scoops, incorrectly paired the two singers on account of their banter and friendship.

Both Mayer and Halsey have cleared up any confusion about their relationship multiple times. The two even recorded a livestream together where they both poked fun at the dating rumors before establishing they’ve never been in any kind of a romantic relationship. Meanwhile, Halsey also took to Twitter to call out the gossip media’s habit of mischaracterizing a female celebrity’s platonic relationships as a romantic ones. “I just had a ground breaking idea,” she wrote. “What if… we let female artists… have friends… without assuming that they are sleeping together?”

Gossip Cop also ran the tabloid’s article by a mutual pal of ours and Mayer, who dismissed it as flat-out “dumb.” The musician’s status as a romantic has caused the tabloids to incorrectly pair him off with a variety of women. In November 2018, around the time that the initial rumors about Mayer and Halsey first drew attention, Star’s sister publication, OK!, tried its hand with a fake rumor about Mayer dating Larry David’s daughter, Cazzie.

The gossip media also frequently makes up stories involving the musician and his ex-girlfriends. In February, Gossip Cop busted Star for claiming Mayer was still “pining for” ex Katy Perry after she announced her engagement to Orlando Bloom. The tabloids clearly aren’t aware of what’s actually going in Mayer’s personal life. That’s evident from the tabloids’ consistently poor track record when it comes to stories about who he’s dating.


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