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John Mayer Natalie Morales Dating

By Michael Lewittes |

John Mayer Natalie Morales Dating

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John Mayer is not dating Natalie Morales, but you would never know that if you simply did a search for the singer’s name. In fact, if one Googled Mayer’s name, you would get two completely erroneous stories that wrongly claim the handsome singer-songwriter is now in a relationship with actress Natalie Morales (see screengrab below). But it’s all fake news.

Despite searches resulting in a Daily Mail article that claims, “John Mayer is dating actress Natalie Morales” and a similar-sounding headline from HollywoodLife that blares, “John Mayer Dating Natalie Morales: Finally Ready For Love After Katy Perry?” there is no validity to either story. In fact, the two outlets very lazily picked up a phony report from Life & Style and foolishly took the tabloid for its word.

HollywoodLife gushes that Mayer is “super into” Morales, and even regurgitates an ill-informed quote from an alleged Life & Style source who says, “They’ve only been on a few dates, but John is smitten.” HollywoodLies, as it’s known because of its propensity for spreading fake news, concludes its piece by asking its non-journalist readers, “Do you think John could have found ‘the one’ at last?”

Well, it doesn’t matter how often the lie is repeated or by whom. Whether it’s from HollywoodLies, the Daily Mail or Life & Style, it’s still wrong. A mutual friend of Gossip Cop and Mayer’s exclusively tells us it’s “totally untrue,” and while the singer knows the actress, who has appeared on “Santa Clarita Diet” and “Parks and Recreation,” he “hasn’t spoken to her in months.”

Here’s a suggestion: If you want accurate celebrity news, Google “John Mayer” and “Gossip Cop.” Otherwise, there’s a chance you’ll get duped into a number of fake news stories like this one about him supposedly dating Morales.

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