John Legend Rants About “Justice” After No Indictment For Tamir Rice Murder

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John Legend Tamir Rice

By Michael Lewittes |

John Legend Tamir Rice

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John Legend went on a Twitter rant Tuesday over the latest development in the Tamir Rice case. After a grand jury on Monday declined to indict the two police officers responsible for the November 2014 shooting death of the 12-year-old boy, the singer spoke out against the criminal justice system.

Legend initially linked to a New York Times article about the grand jury ruling and wrote, “[expletive] Travesty.” He then went on a rant about the case and declared, “I will never expect the criminal justice system to bring any justice for victims of police murder.” Legend added, “Y’all wonder why black folks have the audacity to take to the streets and say that black lives should matter.”

The singer then cited other recent news stories to highlight his point. He linked to an article about a Connecticut woman who was arrested Christmas Eve after pointing a fake handgun at police officers outside of a local precinct, then declared, “Apparently this is what you need to do to not get murdered by those who serve and protect.” Legend also referenced Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof by later tweeting, “Or just shoot up a church of full black people. Then you get to go to Burger King.”

The Oscar winner also engaged in a tense back-and-forth with several followers debating the Rice decision. One asked him, “Why r u contributing to the divisiveness of the country? We need to band together not be continually pulled apart.” Legend responded, “Let’s join together and say no more cops executing 12 year olds with impunity. Please join me.” Tell Gossip Cop what YOU think below.


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