John Legend Not Gay, Despite Absurd And Homophobic MediaTakeOut Report

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John Legend Gay Not Straight

By Shari Weiss |

John Legend Gay Not Straight

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MediaTakeOut is already in the running for the title of “2015’s Most Shameful Outlet.” Six days into the New Year, the webloid is continuing to practice one of the lowest forms of “journalism” with an outrageously homophobic new story about John Legend.

MediaTakeOut blares, “Y’all Are NOT Gonna Convince Us That Singer JOHN LEGEND Is STRAIGHT… He Was On TV Yesterday… Wearing MORE MAKEUP THAN A DRAG QUEEN!!!” First off, Legend does not need to convince anyone of his sexuality, much less MediaTakeOut. And he certainly doesn’t need anyone to do it for him.

Second, the “drag queen” comparison is not only shortsighted, it’s also an insult to both Legend and those who actually prefer such a look, which, by the way, is a legitimate style that does not warrant mockery. Not to mention Legend’s “makeup” was barely visible.

But that wasn’t all MediaTakeOut wrote. The site went on, “John Legend and Common were both on Good Morning America yesterday. Common looked regular… but John called in Beyonce’s MAKEUP GUY to fully beat his face. That man got some TANG in him…. we promise you…” And we promise you that MediaTakeOut remains one of the most reprehensible “celebrity news” outlets around.

Legend, who is wed to Chrissy Teigen, wore makeup for his television appearance, just like everyone else who was on “GMA” Monday, including Common. That’s all. There was no message about his sexual orientation, just like there wasn’t last month when MediaTakeOut speculated Nick Young was gay because he was simply out shopping with a male friend.

We look forward to the day when MediaTakeOut starts actually reporting instead of sensationalizing, stops jumping to conclusions about stars’ personal lives, and shows the respect both celebrities and readers deserve. Unfortunately, today is not that day.


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