John Kasich Talks Taylor Swift, Katy Perry Feud On “The View” (VIDEO)

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The View Kasich Taylor Swift

By Shari Weiss |

The View Kasich Taylor Swift


John Kasich showed a surprising amount of knowledge about Taylor Swift and Katy Perry when he talked about their feud on Wednesday’s “The View.” Watch the video below!

Kasich was the episode’s guest co-host, and Whoopi Goldberg began by bringing up a “battle that has got this country split right down the middle.” She then asked the Ohio governor to “explain what the hell is going on.” He stated quite seriously, “It’s shocking everybody. Don’t ever steal anybody’s dancers is the message.”

“Maybe they’re trying to get some extra press, although I don’t think Taylor Swift needs any more press,” the former presidential candidate went on. He continued to flaunt his expertise by talking about her collaboration with Zayn Malik, as well as her relationship with Calvin Harris. And this was no fluke, as Sara Haines testified that he was completely up to date on all of this at their morning meeting.

Kasich also shared about Swift, “She met my wife and kids at a concert. She knew everything about my wife and children. She was unbelievably great.” He called the songstress and Perry “two great pop artists,” and expressed hope that they bury the hatchet “because of world peace.” He even joked that he’s “going to bring both Taylor Swift and Katy Perry” to work out issues between Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner.

Jedediah Bila called it “impressive” that the politician is so “pop culture savvy,” even telling him,”You should’ve brought this up at the debates!” He responded, “Because I like pop culture, you can do it til the day you die. I find it interesting and a nice break from the world of debates and that kind of thing.” Kasich even bragged in regards to his teen daughters, “I know a few things that they don’t know!”

As Gossip Cop reported, “The View” also discussed Swift and Perry’s feud last week. Check out the new video below.

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